About us

Cadmos books are written to enhance the well-being of our equestrian and pet companions, and to help everybody who is close to horses, dogs and cats understand, live and work with them better.

We hope that our books will deepen your interest, while providing straightforward advice and fascinating insight.
Cadmos books are highly illustrated and aim to offer easy-to-follow advice to all pet owners, as well as riders and horse-lovers, from the many who ride for leisure, to the dedicated sport rider.

Cadmos is a subsidiary of German publisher Cadmos Verlag GmbH, one of the leading non-fiction publishers for equestrian, dog, pet and country living titles. We welcome rights enquiries to all Cadmos titles - please contact us at rights@cadmos-books.com

We have been publishing books for the English markets since 2002.

About avBUCH
avBUCH and Cadmos Verlag GmbH are subsidiaries of Austrian Publisher Österreichischer Agrarverlag.
Together we offer highly illustrated, practical books in the following subjects:
Agriculture, dogs, equestrian, food (with emphasis on health and wellbeing), gardening, pets, and wine.

We welcome rights enquiries to all avBUCH titles - please contact us at rights@cadmos-books.com