Clicker Training for Clever Cats

Learning can be fun!

There is a method of learning which no mammal is impervious to - not even the cat. It is called ‘classical conditioning’, and is used in a very specific way as part of clicker training.

Every click results in something positive for the cat: a treat, a cuddle, a favourite game. And because cats are intelligent, they quickly understand what kind of behaviour gets them a ‘click’ and a reward, and they will experiment in order to find out what else might work. This manual gives you the knowledge and the chance to explore a new world together with your cat: It explains what classical conditioning involves, and why the clicker works with every cat. It also shows how mistakes can be avoided, and how to use rewards properly and develop chains and sequences of behaviour, as well as small tricks. Clicker training can even be used to resolve your cat’s problems and eliminate bad behaviour.

Martina Braun


Softcover, 80 pages