Decorating simply and naturally

A walk through the seasons

Rediscovering the beauty of simple things

Supposedly unremarkable treasures from nature are the protagonists of this book. 


The book clearly shows how fragrant flowers, prickly berries, gnarled branches, interest- ingly marked stones, soft feathers, simple snail shells and many other objects from everyday life can be used to make decorations. They can be arranged to make decorative works of art that can be simple, nostalgic, bold, individual, but always creative and effective. Wonderful photographs inspire the reader to try out the designs themselves. This book features a variety of wonderful decoration ideas using natural materials from all four seasons, for every occasion, every setting and every style.

Conny Scheck attended the “Bodensee-Kunstschule” - a well-known arts college by Lake Constance in southern Germany - and was trained in graphic design and painting by professor P. Dietrich in the early eighties. She has freelanced as a stylist for renowned furniture stores and has created extensive decorations. For the past twenty years she has lived mainly in the Netherlands spending several months a year in Greece. Under Mediterranean skies she loves to paint and create pottery, both of which she exhibits regularly.

Conny Scheck


Hardcover – 144 pages – 240 x 270 mm - colour potographs