Horse Training

Long Reining.

Dr. Thomas Ritter

“Long Reining is so much fun that it is easy to get hooked on it. It trains the rider’s eyes and tact by adding a visual impression to the sense of touch and vice versa.”
Dr. Thomas Ritter

It’s Showtime

Sylvia Czarnecki

How to teach your horse to do a compliment

Circus tricks don’t just look impressive, but they also develop trust
between horse and handler. In addition, they are a supplying exercise and bring variety
into training.

What is special about this book is that the author doesn’t represent one
single training system but instead combines years of practical experience
and her knowledge of equine learning behaviour to show how to train
towards exercises such as bow, lying down, sitting and more.

Stallions Care and Management

Stallions Cover
Stefan Schneider and Steffi Birk

Keeping stallions is definitely not child’s play, but it also isn’t as difficult and dangerous as is often assumed. Because even stallions are, above all, “just” horses and, as with all other members of their species, correct management and solid basic education and training are required for a good partnership with their owner. However, there is still a little more to consider if you want to live the dream of owning a noble stallion.

The Thinking Rider

Dr. Robert J. Schinke

Improve your mental game and learn to enjoy your riding as never before: "To think that the rise and fall of athlete performance on a given day can be explained by random luck or fate is a mistake." (Robert Schinke).