It’s Showtime

Circus tricks: Learning fun for horses and rider

How to teach your horse to do a compliment

Circus tricks don’t just look impressive, but they also develop trust
between horse and handler. In addition, they are a supplying exercise and bring variety
into training.

What is special about this book is that the author doesn’t represent one
single training system but instead combines years of practical experience
and her knowledge of equine learning behaviour to show how to train
towards exercises such as bow, lying down, sitting and more.

From the contents

  • Circus tricks – Systematic training
  • A bit about learning theory.
  • First steps into the world of the circus – warm up, bow and mountain goat
  • Common courtesy – Bowing and kneeling
  • Confidently to the floor – Sitting up and lying down
  • Please take your seat – the sitMaking an impression – Spanish walk
  • Out of the hat – Trick training for horses

About the author
Sylvia Czarnecki discovered her passion for circus and trick training with horses many years ago. As a result of training many different horses through the years she has discovered that the horse’s personality will dictate the best way of teaching it these tricks. The qualified media-designer lives in Hamburg and gives courses on trick training throughout Germany.

Sylvia Czarnecki


£ 20,99

144 pages, 17 x 24 cm
Colour photographs