A journey through the horse ́s body

The anatomy of the horse

From tip to toe

This book means a fascinating journey through the horse’s body! How does a horse work? What does it need to move, breathe and eat? 

What structures does it have and how does it use them? Which structures can we see and feel? Which functions can we observe? This book quickly enables the reader to draw conclusions about functional disorders and their treatment. The descriptions are easy to understand and the memorable pictures explain even the most complicated associations. The subject matter fascinates right down to the smallest cell and even experienced horse owners will have a few “eureka” moments.

From the contents

• Riding and veterinary Latin • Skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments - the musculoskeletal system • The horse’s senses • The brain and nervous system • The digestive system

About the author

Dr. Christina Fritz is an author of specialist books and a biologist specialising in animal physiology. She has completed training courses in acupressure massage for horses with Lisbeth Traffelet and kinesiology for humans with Jean-Luc Paratte, which in- corporated Touch for Health training. She has also trained in equine energetic osteopathy according to Salomon (EPOS). Dr. Christina Fritz manages her own practice for integrated equine therapy in Berlin and offers courses for energetic work on horses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Dr. Christina Fritz


Paperback – 96 pages – 170 x 240 mm – colour potographs and drawings