Learning to Ride as an Adult 2

A new training method for first-time riders

This second volume of Learning to Ride as an Adult is a modern manual of riding and movement instructions for riders with ambition, who want to ride their horses free of tension, with momentum, via the seat and with light aids.

 The author continues her theme of refined gymnastic exercises for horse and rider. With the help of the large physio ball, our proven training horse, the physical pre-requisites for riding in harmony can be achieved in easy stages. The movement sequences for dressage tests at elementary and novice levels as well as all lateral movements are explained in straightforward, easy to follow terms. Important subjects that are covered include how the rider can learn to: Correct a crooked seat. Ride transitions with the lightest use of the reins. Improve personal agility and mobility with practical exercises. Ride lateral movements correctly. A special training programme is set out to help the rider to plan each schooling unit effectively.

Hardcover with jacket, 128 pages




Erika Prockl