Preparing for dressage the right way

The correct training methods for success

“Preparing for dressage the right way” is a practical book in the best sense of the word.

 Instead of training each step of the exercise separately, internationally renowned trainer Katja von Rönne recommends following a “central theme” when training the horse. Instead of simply being reeled off, all of the lessons have a purpose - to exercise the horse correctly and to nurture it in harmony and trust, up to the very highest level. Maintaining health and teamwork are paramount.

This book provides concrete instructions on how to correctly ride dressage lessons from Novice to Grand Prix. An essential book for everyday use!

From the contents:
- Basic work - Rhythm, balance and straightness - Working on straight lines
- Relaxation and suppleness on curved lines - Circles, serpentines, voltes
- The beginnings of collection - Transitions, counter canter and rein-back
- Lateral work - Shoulder-in, renvers, travers and pirouettes at walk
- Perfect collection - Pirouettes, flying changes, piaffe and passage

Softcover; 144 pages

About the author:
Katja von Rönne is Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin FN, the highest equestrian qualification in Germany, and has been trained by Helmut Beck-Broichsitter, Paul Stecken and Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg, among others. The internationally successful dressage trainer from the Hamburg area has taught in Austria, Greece, Guatemala, Japan and Taiwan, as well as in Germany.

Katja von Rönne