Stallions Care and Management

A complete guide to safer management
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Keeping stallions is definitely not child’s play, but it also isn’t as difficult and dangerous as is often assumed. Because even stallions are, above all, “just” horses and, as with all other members of their species, correct management and solid basic education and training are required for a good partnership with their owner. However, there is still a little more to consider if you want to live the dream of owning a noble stallion. Stallions naturally tend towards showing off and playful tests of strength, so consistency - not to be confused with violence - is essential for handling them. It goes without saying that management must be appropriate to horses, but this is sometimes very difficult to put into practice when it comes to stallions. By no means does every yard owner accept stallions and the opportunity to allow a stallion at least an hour or two of turnout at a time, in a securely fenced area, is even rarer. This book illustrates stallions’ general and specific needs and gives important tips about management, breeding and handling.

From the contents

  • Why a stallion?
  • Stallion behaviour
  • Educating, training and showing stallions
  • Stallions used for breeding
  • Species-appropriate stallion management

About the authors
Stefan Schneider is a vet and horse trainer. Together with his partner, dressage rider Uta Gräf, he runs a training stables with rehabilitation centre and equine practice in Kirchheimbolanden, Rhineland-Palatinate. Dealing with stallions of the most diverse breeds is all part of everyday life for him and he is passionate about horse-appropriate management and varied basic training for young horses.

Steffi Birk has been riding since childhood. She studied equine communication science at a private academy. During her studies, she acquired comprehensive knowledge about species-appropriate horse care and modern horse training and she amassed plenty of experience in dealing with stallions during practical phases at various studs.

Stefan Schneider and Steffi Birk


144 pages, Paperback