Walking on eggshells

When dogs behave aggressively on the lead

Walking a dog without a Showdown

Many people can only watch helplessly as their dog acts like a wild animal when he sees another dog, even from a distance.


Why are some dogs aggressive on the lead? Which factors reinforce their behaviour? How does the person behave when a conflict arises? In her book, Nadin Matthews looks at the very common phenomenon of lead aggression in dogs, independently of popular training meth- ods. She sheds light on the causes of this kind of behaviour and explains the dog’s motivations and how the owner’s behaviour may exacerbate the problem. It is heartening to find your own path to dealing with problems and to walk this path more successfully than you would by using others’ teaching methods.

From the contents

• The problem and the explanation

• The dog and factors for aggressive behaviour

• The owner and their role in aggressive behaviour

• Learning behaviour and benefits in training

• Relationship and diagnosis

• The change and the challenge


About the author

Nadin Matthews is an officially certified dog trainer, dog walker and lecturer in cynology. Her background is in social work where she used to advise people in difficult situations. In 2010, she founded dogument®, a training and further training facility for professional dog training consultants.


Nadin Matthews


Paperback - 128 pages - 170 x 240 mm – colour photographs