My Horse Told Me

Everyday communication with your horse

You can only react appropriately even in difficult situations and adapt to horses if you can correctly interpret their language. Pain and discomfort, annoyance, but also relaxation and contentment are easy to spot if you know what parts of the body and signals to look out for.
The authors give skilful insights into the nature of horses, their ability to communicate with one another and, above all, how they communicate with people on the ground and under saddle. It is also a very affectionate and personal credo to become involved with your competition or pleasure horse, to learn about him, pay attention to him and listen to him, for a more understanding existence together.

From the contents

  • Two worlds collide
  • Basics - the ABC of equine language
  • Interpreting vocalisations correctly
  • Behaviour patterns among horses
  • How horses communicate with humans

About the authors

Daniela Bolze was bitten by the horsy bug when she started to ride at the age of eight. After a “detour” as a television and magazine journalist and author specialising in equine matters and after instructor training, she set up her own riding school to teach the equine language to newcomers to horses right from the beginning, in order to achieve subtle communication in ground work and riding.

Christiane Slawik has also ridden since childhood. She has already travelled to many parts of the world as a renowned specialist journalist and equine photographer and her works have been published in more than 40 publishing houses. Her artistic disposition, knowledge and training, as well as perfect timing, coupled with courage and a love of horses always give rise to impressive insights into the soul of the animals.

Daniela Bolze and Christiane Slawik


128 pages, Paperback