Noble, Dignified, Beautiful

The Quiet Elegance of the Horse

A rare insight into the noble being of the horse

With a calm focus Stephen Rasche-Hilpert emphasizes the majesty of the horse and shows it – moved by sincere respect and love – in a light which expressively underlines its beauty and dignity.


„Each day my own horses and all those I meet throughout the country during my travels show me how rich life is – and that this wealth kneels at our feet, that it is all around us. In the horses it beckons to be touched. It is a treasure belonging to all of us: It is the beauty that ennobles all our lives with its dignity.” Stephen Rasche-Hilpert

This book contains a host of impressive images and thoughtful words following a rarely taken path towards discovering the noble essence of the horse.

Very personal portraits, studies of natural behavior and the exalted staging of charming and powerful imagery create an arc which spans both the significance and the character of the horse, making them distinct and tangible.

About the author

Photographer and author Stephen Rasche-Hilpert lives with his family and his horses on a small farm in the Duchy of Lauenburg. He has been travelling Germany with passion in heart and camera in hand for several years.

Stephen Rasche-Hilpert


Hardcover – 96 pages – 210 x 240 mm – colour photographs