Shiatsu for your Horse

Cathy Tindall & Jaki Bell

In recent years, the benefit of massage, physiotherapy and other 'touch' therapies to horses has become better appreciated. Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese therapy based on pressure and stretches, the benefits of which you can share with your horse, enhancing his wellbeing and happiness. 

Best Turned Out!

Angelika Schmelzer

Step by step instructions to turn hairy ponies into genuine four-legged beauties, or to make lovely horses even lovelier – all thanks to the right grooming of your horse’s mane, tail and coat. Whether for competition, breed show or at home, here you’ll find simple instructions to make things easy.


Andrea Holst & Daniela Bolze

Colic is one of the main reasons for calling out the vet. It is a disease that must not be taken lightly, as it often proves fatal.